Annabel Consilvio
Finding your path in life

As she leaves Olin College and prepares to take her place in the world, Annabel Consilvio feels Olin has helped her find her niche. She’s had great experiences at Olin, including the chance to work with young people in underprivileged communities in Mississippi. “I’ve gotten to do so many really, really awesome things only because I’ve been here,” says Consilvio.

She’s got a job lined up at the Dublin office of the marketing company Hubspot. But more important, she sees a path forward to graduate school and a life helping people who are disadvantaged in one way or another, whether because they have a disability or come from a low-income background. She points to Olin’s generous combination of merit- and need-based aid as a key factor in opening up a world of opportunities.

“The financial aid that Olin has given me has been so incredible,” says Consilvio. “I’m graduating with no debt, which is unbelievable, and I have been able to pay for my education with internships and not put that burden on my parents, which is super huge in terms of being able to do all the things I’ve gotten to do.”




Diego Garcia
Trying Things Out

Diego Garcia is still relatively early in his Olin experience — he just finished his sophomore year — but already, he’s experienced a lot as a budding engineer. The Colombia born, Miami-raised robotics major particularly prizes his exposure to Olin’s design curriculum, and he’s had the chance to do research with a professor on a self-deploying glider, and work at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Tesla, among other activities. “One of the nice things about being here is that you get exposed to a lot of different potential paths,” he says.

He doesn’t yet know where these paths will lead, but he considers himself very lucky and is “very happy with the way things turned out.” The entrée to all this good fortune? Olin’s generous financial aid package. “Without it, I wouldn’t be here. The fact that I don’t have to worry about paying for my education allows me to go ahead and try so many different things.” Where does he go from here? “It’s kind of cheesy to say, but I don’t see a limit to what I can do” he says. “I think of what I’ve been able to do with just two-to-three-ish years of being an engineer. So, I’m pretty excited about the future.”