Scholarships &
    Financial Aid

    Your generous giving to scholarships and financial aid means that students from a diverse array of socio-economic backgrounds will be able to experience Olin’s life-changing curriculum and culture — a fact that benefits not only the students, but also the wider world into which they will graduate.


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  2. Sunlin Chou

    Sunlin Chou and Pinar Demetci photo
    Trustee Sunlin Chou with Pinar Demetci ’17, recipient of the International Student Scholarship.

    “Olin has gained worldwide recognition as an exciting place to learn about engineering. It is a pleasure for me to support scholarships to enhance the quality and diversity of Olin's international students.”

    - Sunlin Chou, Trustee

  3. Gracey Wilson

    “Without the support of Olin's donors, I wouldn't be practicing my passion for people-centered problem solving or learning about linear algebra through studying political trends or discovering the benefits of approaching engineering with an entrepreneurial mindset — much less singing in an a cappella group consisting of all engineers. To those who have made these educational opportunities a reality for me: THANK YOU!”

    - Gracey Wilson ’20

    Gracey Wilson photo
  4. Ruby Spring

    Ruby Spring photo

    “I would have chosen not to go to college if I had not received this financial support from Olin. Need-based financial aid and the Olin half-tuition scholarship literally made it possible for me to experience a college education.”

    - Ruby Spring ’18

  5. Cesar Santana

    “I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of the donors. I feel humbled by the fact that there are people who believe and are willing to invest in me. Right now, my future has never looked brighter.”

    - Cesar Santana ’18

    Cesar Santana photo